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Alone on Valentine’s Day? Awesome. It’s not as bad as it seems. “Singles Awareness Day” aka Valentine’s Day can be tough, even cruel, if you’re single either by choice or circumstances. It’s difficult to see what being single has to offer when in the first two weeks of February, you’re drowned by T.V and radio commercials, billboards, love songs and heart shaped candy at every grocery store. But keep your chin up! Being in recovery, it’s safe to assume that a lot of us have learned that Love can act as a higher power. Not romantic love. But the kind that makes a human feel connected… Self Love! So, if you find yourself without a significant other this year, here’s a list of things you can do to feel the “love” without feeling lonely or shrinking your bank account on another dozen flowers, an overpriced dinner or a ridiculously huge box of chocolates.

1. Treat yourself – Girls, get yourself an appointment at a day spa. Guys, get yourself a massage as well. Go on an adventure of some sort and embrace your awesome single self. Do whatever the hell you want and embrace the freedom of being single!

2. Write a list of all the good things about being single. For example, free time, no compromising on what groceries to purchase or where to eat. Being able to clip your toenails in bed (please don’t really do that). Whatever it is for you, think about the benefits rather than drawbacks of not being in a relationship.

3. Selfless Service – Since this day is supposedly all about love, nothing spreads love and smiles more effectively than a little bit of service. Find a local children’s hospital, a senior living center or an animal shelter and see if they would allow you to come volunteer for a few hours. At the very least, do something to make someone else smile.

4. Have a Horror Movie Marathon – Maybe a little contrast to all of the lovey dovey cupids, butterflies and heart shaped candies would do us a little good. Invite some other single friends over and pop in Friday The 13th or The Exorcist and let the romantic, warm tenderness of Valentine’s Day fade into the darkness.

5. Try something new – If you’re feeling heartbroken or alone this year, find a new hobby to reignite the playful child inside. Take a yoga class, play racquetball, make homemade soap like Tyler Durden, or pick up an instrument you’ve always wanted to learn and find online lessons.

Whatever you do, don’t let Single’s Awareness Day get the best of you. The most powerful relationship you will ever have if the relationship you have with yourself. Make sure it’s a healthy one.



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