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Ah, the age old question: what does my dream mean? As though we can just type it into google and get a clear understanding…

Since the beginning of the human experience we have slept, we have dreamt, and we have woken with questions. Many claim to know not only why we dream, but what the dreams themselves mean.

Is it our future destiny revealing itself to us? Is it the mind creating a scenario of the stresses or pleasures that are currently plaguing your sub-conscious? Are they random images created by the brain about topics that you saw or thought of earlier that day? Are they spiritual tools that allow us to communicate with higher powers? Are they expressions of our repressed desires?

Some people have pleasant dreams about pizza and their crush and carnival rides and hoo-ha! Some people have nightmares about sadness and murder and high school.

In recovery, there are relapse dreams. Whether they are dreams or nightmares is an individual matter, but they do occur.

Some dream that they’ve broken sobriety and gotten wasted and cheated on their love and puked everywhere and had a hangover in the morning. Some dream that they’re using heroin again and remember the feeling of being high, complete with the sting of the needle. Every relapse dream, like every other dream, is a completely unique experience.

And it scares the sh*t out of almost everyone.

Whether your relapse dream is positive or negative, you’re still being reminded of a time in your life that was out of your control. No one wants to be reminded of that.

Some fear this is a sign of a future relapse, others believe it’s your mind getting rid of your old negative memories. Unknowing as to why and what, we do know that the fresher the recovery start, the more likely you are to have relapse dreams.

Ah, the age old saying: time heals all wounds. As your recovery evolves, so will your mind. Patience is something that needs to come into play at this time.

Although no one knows for sure why these dreams occur, doctors are all in agreement that talking about them will not only help ease your mind, but will also help with your recovery.

There’s no need to be ashamed, you did not actually relapse. Beyond that, there’s no reason to turn it into a secret. Getting your dream out in the open will not only relieve stress, but will give you more insight into how you feel about the situation, your recovery. You will know a little more about how to handle your next relapse dream.

The key is to not give the dreams any more credit than they deserve. Get them out, talk about them, write them down, and then move on. You’re still on your amazing path of recovery, and whatever is going on in your head while you sleep isn’t going to mess with that!

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  • Ryan Michael

    Dreams are highly prophetic… Documented in the Bible-mankinds longest continuous account of human history whether one is a believer or not is highly insightful. Dreams recorded have been fulfilled by men and woman of GOD and nonbelievers alike in the Scriptures. I heard a Psycholgist say one time, “Its just your subconscious flushing the toilet.” LOL… Really? Last time I go to a Godless Secular Priest for Purpose and Meaning. Truly GOD speaks to us through dreams and the Bible is evidence of this, testimonies of countless people experience their dreams in exact recall at a later time… Truth is, with most recovery rates sadly boasting 5-7% success rates… I think its more likely that these things may be coming to pass as prophetic. I agree, a dream journal and communication with a Chaplain about spiritual care in attention of dreams can give a tremendous amout of meaning. Attention, and value to The GOD of their understanding reaching out to them in love and even healthy warnings. Great article shared Solutions Team… keep up the great work. Blessings to Dave and you all under GOD’s Care.

    -CH. Pastor Ryan Michael
    (702) 752-4060

    February 20, 2015 - 7:43 pm/ Reply

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