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Society seems to have trouble when it comes to seeing addiction as a disease, but the reality is addiction is not a choice and is actually mental health illness. The disease of addiction affects both the mind and body.  The more we talk about it the less taboo addiction becomes and the more people that can be helped.

Understanding Addiction 

The common misconception is that drug addiction and alcoholism is a choice. People believe that the addict or alcoholic has the power to pick up and put down a substance as they choose, but as we continue to learn more about mental health issues, we are seeing that is not the case.

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Another thing that baffles many people is that if addiction is classified as an incurable disease how are millions able to have recovered from it?

Addiction doesn’t have to control the individual if they are willing to recover. Once an addict or alcoholic accepts that they have the disease of addiction, they can then treat it. Although addiction is not a choice, seeking treatment to achieve recovery from an alcohol and/or drug addiction is.  Making a decision and committing to attend a program like a treatment center, or even a 12-step fellowship, has proven to help many continue on their path to long-term recovery from addiction. The key to recovery is actually quite simple and all starts with willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness. The addict and alcoholic above anything else have to want the desire to recover in order for it to work. This means they have to put in the effort and hard work in order for their disease to be treated most effectively.


Letting Go Of Control 

The process of recovery involves letting go of control because an addicted individual cannot afford to be maneuvering their life according to how they believe it should go.  When they are busy doing this, they wind up tearing apart the lives of others around them as they act out in selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, and fearful tendencies.  They have to trust that life will unfold the way it’s meant to and let the process of recovery take hold as they embark without the crutch that substances formerly use to provide.  No longer can an addict hide behind the substances or latch onto any other addictive means for artificial support.

Addicts And Alcoholics Deserve Recovery 

By seeing addiction as a disease, society can better comprehend the fact that addiction is not a choice.  This is an important piece of information to grasp if the stigma of addiction and those who suffer from addiction is to be smashed.  Individuals are sick and suffering every day from addiction with millions dying from the peril of this illness.  It’s time the nation address this matter as the illness it is and find the most effective and beneficial treatment for its sufferers.

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    You choose how to respond to a disease.

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