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We are spiritual beings having a human experience not human beings having a spiritual experience. That one statement changes everything. The fallacy of existence when we see ourselves as only human is that we believe what we see is all there is. That is not the truth of life. The universe is much more complex and extraordinary than anything we can imagine.

And so are we. The fact that we are spiritual being’s changes how we view and how we see ourselves in experiences on this earth plane. We are not victims of chance if we are spiritual beings and able to impact our life experience through belief, thought and positive emotion. This is the law of attraction and we as a species are becoming more aware of this fact each day. We are becoming aware of our power to create and direct our lives.

Spiritual Growth Therapy is a new perspective on healing for mental illness and drug addiction. The old way of looking at therapy was predicted on mechanistic view of the mind. We view people as mental mechanisms to be manipulated. We assumed that drive theory, the idea that the will for sex and power drove all of our decisions and was primary as was unconscious impulses that controlled us. The idea was to surface the unconscious ideas and expose them so they could be controlled.

That way of viewing people and psychiatry is based in a world that no longer exists. Quantum physics has changed our understanding of everything especially the nature of the human experience. Quantum has put into question everything.

It is apparent that we are less mechanistic than we previously thought. We are in fact able to change instantly if we can learn how. It starts with being empowered and recognizing that we do not have the limitations we think we have.

It is clear now that mental illness and drug addiction are affected by the belief system the patient has about his condition. If the patient can perceive a positive outcome for himself then it is more likely to happen.

We are too fatalistic about mental Illness and drug addiction. Spiritual Growth Therapy is an optimistic therapy. It expects recovery and builds that same belief system into the patient. Just like cancer where a positive attitude is essential for recovery the same must be said for mental illness and drug addiction.

Once a person can see his or her recovery as possible that can start calling on their personal resources to help them in their recovery process. This is modern alchemy. The problem with current healing practice is that it is based in a belief system the predicates limitations and powerlessness. Spiritual Growth Therapy predicates healing on empowerment and instantaneous change.

I stopped drinking and taking drugs 43 years ago because I made a decision and believed it was possible. I made a quantum recovery and was able to maintain that recovery with support to maintain my positive quantum thinking. Quantum thinking is the ability to use thought and belief to literally change reality.

It is in another context what was referred to as the “Force” in the movie Star Wars. The world has not changed but we are now remembering who we are and what we can do. Ancient societies used these methods of belief and ritual to heal for thousands of years until we got mesmerized by so called facts and science that forced us into non-belief and we no longer tried to be angels and fell to earth.

We are in an age of awakening and as we awaken we will change how we experience the world. This great universal classroom, that we have incarnated into, to learn spiritual lessons will soon be a place of miraculous healing!

We see our treatment centers as the new school for life. Once our patients learn that they can change any aspect of their lives through belief change and spiritual practice, as described in our book “Let Your Soul Evolve” recovery and healing become an expectation. We do not empower limitations. People feel bad enough about their issues without their doctors and supposed helpers disempowering them. It is a time to teach people how strong and incredible they are and that healing is immediately available to everyone. Spiritual Growth Therapy is the path to healing based in faith not fear and love not anger!

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