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I found vaping while searching for a way to quit chewing tobacco. My father was a smoker and died of esophageal cancer. I knew that I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. My daughter has never met her grandfather and I don’t want her to have to say the same about her kids. My dad was a mechanic and a machine operator. His diet consisted of Marlboro Light 100’s and coffee (light and sweet). He grew up in a time when a lot of people smoked and the doctor recommended it. Obviously there has been a major shift in public opinion since then but for him the damage was done. The doctor told him he had esophageal cancer when he was 58 and he died a little over a year later. He was in excruciating pain in spite of the copious amounts of pain killers he was on and had wasted away from the chemo. He was a big, strong guy most of his life and a shadow of his former self when he died. I was in my late twenties and his death was a horrible experience that has never left me. My grandfather was a smoker who died at the age of 49 after multiple heart attacks. My uncle was also a smoker who died at the age of 52 after years of complications partly due to smoking.

I started chewing when I was 14 years old and have been addicted to tobacco ever since. As I got older I realized that not only was it getting a lot more expensive, it was staining my teeth and tearing up my mouth. I had heart burn nearly everyday and there was a good possibility it would turn me into a gummer, or worse, kill me. In spite of this I still felt the urge to chew. I needed a way to quit.

At first I wasn’t sure that vaping would satisfy my need for nicotine or if it was even a better alternative. After a little trial and error I figured out how to use my vaporizer and took my first step to quit chew. The urge to chew was not nearly as strong as what I had experienced when I tried to quit cold turkey and the banana bread flavored e-juice was a nice change from the flavor of Copenhagen. I have had a few relapses but over time they have become fewer and farther apart. The more I vaped, the more I liked it and the less I wanted to chew.

I began to read more studies about vaping and what was in the e-juice I was using. After reading hours of seemingly conclusive studies on the effects of e-cigarettes I was baffled as to why the FDA, WHO, and many other government organizations would want to shut this industry down. An ever increasing number of people are able to quit smoking and chewing tobacco, a product they know is killing millions of people, yet vaping is the industry they have in their crosshairs. Politics rarely make much sense and always seem to lead back to money. I do agree however that there are some common sense regulations that need to be in place to keep people safe. There are more than a few maniacs out there that will try to sell you anything to make a buck and as a parent I understand the need to keep kids safe.

As I became more knowledgable about vaping and got involved in the vaping community I began to realize that this was the start of a grass roots movement and an explosive cottage industry. The more I looked into what was going on the more exciting the industry became to me. The e-juice I am vaping is made locally and I was able to meet the guys who are making it. I could even make it myself if I wanted. The people at the vapor shop are always friendly and believe in what they are selling. The people have found a way to take back from the giant corporations that have had a major foothold in America’s political process for decades. I am free from big tobacco and so are countless others. This is something that might put a big dent in an industry that has hurt and killed millions of people, including my father.

The idea for our business came to us after years of searching. What is it that we want to do for the rest of lives? What business can we start that will make a difference in the world and change the lives of the people we serve? What are we passionate about? My wife has been in retail sales for years and has always worked for large companies. Like a lot of new entrepreneurs she had become burned out on corporate life and was looking for an alternative. I have always thought that if you don’t like the way your life is going, change it.

I grew up in a family of small business owners. My friend’s families had owned businesses. I just figured anyone could start a business if they weren’t afraid of a little hard work and had a passion and desire. We have seen the power of the vape with our own eyes. Our friends and family are believers. Vaping is a product that solved a problem that has impacted our lives in a significant way. We know what we must do! Welcome to Blackhouse Vapor Company!

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