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When we’re happy, life seems to flow. Things go our way. We feel good, like we’re coasting down a river and getting where we want to go with little effort.
When we face challenges…we don’t feel so happy. We feel torn, scattered, like every step we take is through quick sand, and our feet weigh a thousand pounds.

How do we navigate through those challenges with our head held high, breathing, taking each step with confidence, and trusting that within the challenge lies a tremendous gift? We learn to trust the process.

In answering the question, do you have everything you want? The most exciting answer is NO, I do not have everything I want. Not having everything we want gives us an opportunity to grow and face exciting times, have things to look forward to, goals and dreams to desire. What a wonderful feeling it is to breathe life into new ideas, watch them grow and develop and let life surprise us! If we said yes, we have all that we desire, it would be like having every meal we were ever going to try in our life in one day and poof, it’s over. YUCK, for a thousand reasons.

What is the key to relaxing into our challenges? Trust, choice and contemplation. Contemplation involves meditation and really listening to our inner voice which always knows the truth, always knows the most supported path, and always knows exactly what we are here to learn. In my experience, contemplation and meditation deserve a high powered role in our daily routine. It’s the consistency of the practice that supports us and gives us the confidence to trust our gut, our feeling s and our precious knowing. Meditating once in a while is like exercising once in a while…doesn’t make much of a difference unless you commit. You won’t have rock hard abs doing sit up’s once a month. You change your body by committing to a weekly workout plan, making it a priority and backing it up with healthy, balanced meals. Relaxing into our challenges is a similar journey. We must change our lifestyle to trust the process, which involves choice as well. We can meditate every day and devote our selves to the practice, and if we choose to resist change or challenges, we surely stop the flow. Life’s challenges are a gift, sometimes they come wrapped in very odd packaging. If we can trust that all is working out for our greatest good, we can soon uncover the gift. Imagine allowing the uncertainty to be exciting, trusting and knowing something amazing is about to occur, and blessing and praising it? Imagine the positive energy that will bring to the challenge. Imagine how our positive outlook will influence the experience, and how feeling good while riding the slippery slope brings a whole new perspective to the circumstance. What’s so amazing is that we have the power of choice, and we can choose to look at any challenge as a gift or a curse. And our choice has a huge bearing on the outcome. That is how powerful we are, and that is how crucial our choices are. Our choices create our experience. And sometimes our choices guide us down a windy road that seems like the longest route, and that route is a gift. Along the path are opportunities to grow, re-group, adjust our focus, and become stronger. What a gift life is, especially when we are up for the challenges, and we bless them, praise them, and embrace them.

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