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When you are a non profit, you just have to get used to always asking for stuff. TINHIH Las Vegas has been around just under three years, so I have a little experience now. It wasn’t that hard when we started out, our first fundraiser was a community yard sale! We asked our friends and families if they had any items they wanted to donate, picked them all up and asked those same people to come and support by purchasing items from the sale. “Come and support”, this is a phrase I have either verbalized or posted/tweeted countless times since TINHIH started. So having been asking for stuff has become a chore- feel like I’m wearing out my welcome! Almost cringe when I say it! But, we can’t operate without me asking- so I do.

There are benefits from asking, tho. Part of our mission is to provide a scholarship each month for an addict to go through a sober living home for 30 days. Our thoughts are simple, this helps like nothing else will. To start a recovery foundation in a clean/dry/warm/safe environment is must! Most of the recipients haven’t had that in a long time. To date- we have awarded 17 of these scholarships to local sober homes. All by “asking” for support.

TINHIH was recently featured in a couple of different newspapers. With the exposure, came an email. A mother without hope, full of despair had explained she had a 25 year old daughter. If I got to know her daughter, I would understand she is a beautiful soul- it’s just that she’s addicted to heroin, there was no more insurance money, she had used up all of her benefits. Currently the daughter is in sober living, but has only 2 weeks left- no where else to go. The fear is real, what if she relapses, we don’t have enough money to keep paying for her, but she needs to stay safe. Would TINHIH please be able to help? It gave me great pleasure to be able to offer assistance. Mom and daughter sat across my kitchen table the other day and I was able to witness hope. A new lease on life, beaming with gratitude for our small donation that would never have been possible without my getting out of my comfort zone and “asking”. I will continue to “ask” for those who have no voice,  who, themselves cannot “ask” due to judgement, stigma you name it. My voice works fine, and I am grateful to have one. I will lend my voice to whomever needs it.

To donate to this incredible organization, simply click here. Do it!

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