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  1. Always seek and strive for balance: pray and meditate daily. Beware external materialism that disconnects the mind from the spirit.

One day long ago, an idea floated into my thoughts that became the Eleven Principles, and the heart of Spiritual Growth Therapy. This happened on a day when I desperately wanted to understand my own behavior and to live a life that was full and meaningful–meaningful not just to myself, but to my family and the people who trusted me with their lives. So it is with The Eleven Principles, for the purpose of this book is to help those reading it to become evolved human beings, and an evolved human always recognizes beauty. Beauty drives our hearts to do good by others and to project this beauty through our actions so the Universe and the collective consciousness can breathe a sigh of peace from the anger and hate that filters through its stream of thought. We are here to balance this act and to hopefully, one day change the vibration and tide of the Universe into a peaceful and compassionate world that is filled with Love. Anger, and hate are primitive, devolved emotions and need to be no more. I choose to follow these principles, to embrace the signs, and to be aware of myself, my thoughts, and my actions, so that I can be on God’s side and make the world a better place, for my wife, my children, my family, and for you. Today we will focus on the first Principle.”
– P.D. Alleva

“Understanding that the universe constantly seeks to balance itself we must do the same. We are human beings and at our core are our emotions, with which we feel and express in just about every action and decision we make. A well-balanced person is someone who has his or her emotions in check, prayer and meditation helps us to achieve this status.

The principle aspect of this balancing act is the acknowledgment that as the Universe progresses, as the earth travels around the sun, and as the Universe spins its celestial course, our emotions are constantly being challenged and spun off balance. We must also accept that true balance is achieved in small increments, never remaining for too long, which accentuates our need for seeking this balance daily.

Meditation can take on many forms. True, concentrated meditation calls for a relaxed, quiet setting; however, this is also difficult to put into practice, considering how hectic our lives can be. However, meditation can be as simple as taking ten minutes a few times a day to decompress and to allow the mind to process the events of the day and to use rationale and logic to assess our actions and emotions. We can also take a few minutes in the morning to listen to music or go for a walk, and sit quietly at the end of the day to reflect. These are all forms of meditation. We spend most of our days in a constant state of action, always on to the next task. However, we must be mindful of our thoughts, our emotions, and ourselves. We are not robots but celestial beings of light: choose to stay with the light and your life will balance itself.

As a little tip on meditation before you begin, think of who you are and what you want to achieve within yourself, and then assign a color to this thought: blue, purple, white, and always beautiful. Tell yourself an I Am statement: I am a fantastic Mother; I am the best at any job; I am a peaceful projection of the Universe; I am enlightened and luminous being capable of turning the world into peaceful serenity. Once you’ve projected your I Am statement, close your eyes and place yourself within the light you have chosen, allow it to cover your body; feel it within your heart, cleansing your emotion and your mind. Experience the peaceful vibration plucking the strings of your heart that is projected from the heart and fluttering every cell in your body with a peaceful serenity. Now, drift above the earth, into the cosmos, becoming larger than the galaxy, larger than the stratosphere, and command your statement from the Universe. Stay there a while, you’ll enjoy it, it’s an incredible place to be.

The second part of this Principle is rather an explanation of what not to do. Technological advancement is a beautiful aspect of our current culture; however, too often we’ve placed considerable energy on wanting or believing we need such items. When we tell ourselves we need material objects, we are telling ourselves that we lack something within. Truly and honestly, we don’t need any of it. When we are constantly focused on external, material items– our phones, iPods, cars, and other possessions– we forget about who we are on the inside; we forget to balance ourselves. We forget to pray and meditate; we forget we are luminous beings, and we become concrete and robotic and easy to control. We begin to treat such things as though they are God, forgetting to worship the connection between all things and spirits. Picture the addict, hell-bent everyday on finding their fix, worshiping a pill, a drink, a line, a glass pipe. How easy is a one- track mind to control; quite the zombie, as you may already know.

The warning against worshiping material items is directly connected to the first part of the first Principle: pray and meditate daily. When we follow the first part, our desire for material items wanes. The art of manifestation, which begins with a thought and feeling commanded by the Universe, assures us that all we require will be given to us.”

– Phil Diaz & P.D. Alleva Founders of Spiritual Growth Therapy, Co-Authors of Let Your Soul Evolve: Spiritual Growth For The New Millennium

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