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Begin Your Road to Recovery at BLVD

The decision to come to treatment will be one of the most difficult you’ll ever make—whether it’s for you or a loved one. At BLVD we honor this decision by providing the most comprehensive and integrative treatment and rehab available for addictive and co-occurring disorders. Through a combination of methods, we empower our clients with the most effective techniques for preventing relapse. Our program is administered by a staff with a depth and breadth that is unique in the industry.
Services Offered at BLVD
Affordable treatment covered by PPO insurance
Affordable private pay options
Daytime and nighttime programs available
Alcohol and drug detox
JCAHO accredited
Featuring 12-step and non-12-step approaches
Individualized treatment plans
Designed to look more like a downtown boutique hotel than addiction treatment center
Once insurance is confirmed, treatment can begin within 24 hours
Financial assistance available to those that qualify

What makes BLVD different?
Along with the great variety of programs and services that we offer, BLVD provides a selection of high quality amenities, including several residential options for our Sober Living clients. Our services aim to meet our clients’ specific needs, and this could include shared or private rooms, supervised accommodations or independent living. Also, as a part of our Sober Living we offer step-down, transitional, and extended care housing.

BLVD spaces currently at West LA, Hollywood and San Diego are designed to provide an environment of comfort and recovery; and rather than feeling clinical or institutional, the experience at BLVD is more like that of a chic boutique hotel. Color, texture, form, and surface have all been taken into detailed consideration, always having the client’s needs in mind. Like sobriety, we want the experience at BLVD to be worthy of lasting a lifetime.

So, Why BLVD?
With BLVD’s program, we treat both addiction and co-occurring disorders as part of an integrated approach to treatment.
Why does this matter?
Substance-related disorders and psychiatric disorders co-occur at high rates: This is a fact that has been well established. As compared with the general population, people addicted to drugs are twice as likely to suffer from mood and anxiety disorders, with the reverse also true. Unfortunately, recent research has shown that only about half of those living with co-occurring disorders will receive treatment.
The Causes of Addiction
In the simplest terms, addiction is caused by the repeated use of a substance. When the substance repeated is as highly addictive as an opioid, even using it as directed can cause substance dependence. Other significant factors include genetics, previous addictions, and environment. When the user suffers from anxiety, depression, and/or loneliness, drugs can become a way of coping with these painful feelings. But as inevitably happens, the abuse of substances will make these problems worse.

What Are Co-occurring Disorders?
When conditions such as anxiety and depression exist alongside an addiction, they are referred to as co-occurring disorders. The spectrum for these co-occurring disorders can be broad, ranging from mild depression to bipolar disorder and beyond. An integrated treatment program, like the kind we offer at BLVD, understands co-occurring conditions as part of a treatment continuum. Our methods are back up by research: Studies indicate that treating both in an integrated approach yields the best outcomes.

Addiction Remakes the Brain
Once a dependence or addiction is achieved through repeated use of a substance, the result is a chronic disorder of the brain. Through overuse, substances literally change the brain’s circuitry by manipulating the more primitive parts of the brain – especially those associated with survival. Through this re-circuiting, the brain develops a compulsive need for the reward that only drugs can provide. These brain changes cause a distortion in thinking, feelings, and perceptions. Addicts will often behave in ways that baffles the understanding of those around them.

If You or a Loved One Needs Help with Substance Abuse, BLVD is Here for You
There is no shame in admitting you or a loved one needs support to deal with substance abuse addiction, so it is in your best interest and in that of your family member or friend to act as a role model and look out for help. BLVD Treatment Centers provides clients with a judgment-free and healing environment that combines traditional, time-tested practices with innovative, evidence-based methods. Please speak with one of our caring and compassionate addiction specialists. In many cases your treatment can be 100% covered. Call 1-866.583.2384 for a FREE CONSULTATION and to get on the path of full recovery and joy. As always, we invite you to share, comment and interact with other members of the BLVD Treatment Centers community on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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