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Party Sober has created a culture of like minded people who understand the horrors of drug addiction and alcoholism. Party Sober has teamed up with treatment centers and other community organizations to establish a support system unlike any other.


We have built the resources to enable individuals to, after they get sober, follow any dream they can imagine and make it tangible. If you need help we have the right people.


Sobriety alone is amazing but without building on it and creating a life that we deserve, it rarely lasts. We hope to combat that by connecting people with their passions and guiding them to the lifestyle they deserve but never truly had the chance to obtain.

Looking For Help?

From the beginning the Party Sober mission has always been to help people however we could.  If you or someone you know needs some resources to better their life here are our partners that have become part of the Party Sober Family.

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Transforming lives through recovery communities

Sober Living increases your chance for long-term recovery. If you or a loved one suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, Project Recovery’s sober living homes will help you.

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Tailored Treatment Programs

The Las Vegas drug and alcohol rehab center located on The Solutions Wellness Campus, is dedicated to getting you and your loved ones out from under the shadows of addiction.

Our Success Rates:

Graduated: 96%

Did not Graduate: 4%

All Time

Cost Comparison:

Most Expensive 30 day stay

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Free 24/7 help line: (800) 853-1614

The Watershed mission is to provide the best and most cost effective treatment to people and families affected by the diseases of addiction, alcoholism and mental illness. We want you to receive the care and support required for you to find your way out of the struggle that drug and alcohol addiction brings to you and your family. It is our goal that every patient has an opportunity to experience that watershed moment.


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